Not the best news for Big 12.

  • Well if this turns out to be true - -could of been better. According to Andre Marchan & John Rand - -reporters been following the Big 12 talks with ESPN & Fox – sounds like we are going to come up short of what we were hoping for. -Our new Big 12 Commish had said he didn’t want to go under 400 Million BUT with us losing Oklahoma & Texas looks like it is more likely to be around 350 Million. which they said equates out to right at about 30 Mil per school - -down from 43 Million per School. -They are hoping for 400 Mil which would put each school around 35 Million but doesn’t look like that’s happening’.

    Now like they said if this turns out to be true would those figures be enough to entice Pac 12 Schools to pull out and come to the Big 12 ? - -very questionable , Maybe Arizona & Arizona St but would they be enough to make it up to 33-35 Million ? – probably not - – Now Oregon & Washington ? - ya probably so , but you wanna add two schools that will jump ship as soon as someone says Boo ? - -This is NOT a done deal - -we shall see, wish we could at least get 35 per school.

    On a little side note the Pac 12 Commish is almost laughable - -saying that some day that the PAC 12 would catch the Big 10 - -SEC in revenue - -LMAO- - like they said - - in what world ? -The BIG offering right at 70 Million – the PAC 12 nowhere close to getting a deal done - -The best offer I’ve read and or heard is right at 16 Million per - and yet they are going to catch the BIG sometime in Revenue - -lol -I need a drink on that one - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG

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