Kansas Athletics announces "To the Stars" strategy, which outlines big, long-range goals for entire department

  • Read an article and talks about updates to The Phog - -to make fan experience better, - talked about seating , - Video boards - and Sound system. Could definetly do with better sound system and video boards would be nice. - Also mentioned Concessions - - concourse and Restrooms - BIG A Plus for upgrades on the restrooms

  • Good news , Board of regents approved for their agenda moving on with remodel of stadium. - -Hoping all construction will be complete by the fall of 2025. - From the TOS - -there is a couple of renderings of what it might look like Girod said by far not to hold them to this exactly but at least a little look. - -I’m just glad this is finally going to actually get done. - -A big part of this moving forward if you know what I mean goes to Coach L. - - If we don’t show improvement / progress we would have trouble finding funding - -they wanna see results -ROCK CHALK BABY

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