Coach L with solid words / true words

  • Coach L once again with wise words , makes a lot of sense 100 % right on.

    Coach L said : - You know 12 years ago we lost by 12 to Oklahoma and our fans stood up and clapped for the way we played.

    This year that happens and the fans are frustrated because they thought we should of won - -He said that just goes to show how far we have come and I think we are right where we should be. -That is a rock solid point.

    Think about it, if people would of said we would win 5 games this year , people for the most part would be ecstatic , cause just not that many would of ever thought that. - Heard a lot of people saying Well - - - - if we win 3 - 4 that would be great. NOBODY & I mean NOBODY was talking about possible bowl game.

    Now people will be frustrated probably disappointed if we don’t make a bowl game - - - for gosh sakes. - That speaks VOLUMES for exactly just how far this team has come from the pits of ugly. I’m ok -would be awesome if we could get that 6th win , but what they have done this year is awesome. --won 5 been competitive in every game , just still short on depth/talent a little , especially on Defense- - just don’t have the numbers yet of Big 12 quality defensive players - - were gettin there but not quite yet.

    You relize this is Coach L’s 1st full Season and look what he has done , in a way it might be good that we lost a couple might cool the talk of other schools coming after him. - -We keep Coach L - -give him another yr or two we going to be just fine. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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