Could become our nightmare guys

  • Man love the success we have had so far this year , Love our Coach we have us a Coach that is getting this thing turned around. However this success & turnaround might be costly - - very costly.

    With things happening like they are I said before KU Alum /Donars - better be ready to get in their pockets and pony up to keep this Coach. A lot of talk about Nebraska coming after Coach and will be coming hard , this becomes a night mare for us unless we are willing to pull out the money to keep Coach. It would be an absolute nightmare at this point if he leaves.

    I wasn’t that concerned before , but as time goes on and the more success we have the stronger this becomes real- Nebraska needs to stay the F - - - away – they got deep pockets. It might be possible IF this were to happen Coach would just tell them no as he wants to stay and finish what he has started - -not gonna be easy , hoping for the best

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