So guys am I just off the deep end/nuts ?

  • Pretty simple question guys. Am I just totally nuts , fell off the deep end in thinking that we have a legit shot of beating Houston this weekend ? Yes I know we a 10 point underdog and we playing at Houston, BUT I just feel in my gut we actually have a legit shot to pick up the W. True our defense has to get better - - A LOT better but as their own fans have said their offense has been so so at best & their own fans pointed out how they have been having HUGE holes in the middle part of their field which is like they said exactly been the strong point for KU this Season so far , attacking the middle of the field.

    So tell me am I nuts ? - -you think we got a shot or not ? - I dunno maybe my glasses are just to Crimson and Blue , it’s only two games in the Season and one was trash team. Yet multiple years back even with Tenn Tech we would of struggled beating them , Several years ago if we would of fell behind like we did against WV , it would of been game over period. – Let me know we got a shot ?

  • Well, I always think we have a shot… Score 50+ points and we have a really good shot!

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