• Tulsa and Title IX: will Danny have some ‘splainin’ to do, or was this player gone before his tenure?

    C of Charleston to get civil tongue soon?: after reputedly verbally abusive Woijik, CoC leaders look to insider vs. outsider replacement options. Will going inside suggest skeletons? Or reconnecting with genteel tradition?

    MAC, ESPN extend 8yr deal to 13 yr TV deal with unstated revenue bump. Is MAC hedging against possible mid major famine post O’Bannon Case?

    Prince Ali joins growing cast at Alford’s UCLA: so much for rings helping recruiting in the Petro-SHOECO era, eh, UCONN?

    Stallings, Vandy sign six, flush two; deficient responsibility strikes again?

    Smart, VCU make player miss one game as petit larceny charge of an iPhone5 reputedly indicated by police records. New iPhone out soon, fool.

    Tarheels bounce back from Bahamas exhibition loss with 61% shooting. No word on how hard Heels studied.

    (Note: all opining, spec and/or satire.)

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