So now focus switch's to West Virginia

  • Well not sure about anyone else , but I am looking forward to this weekend. I think will give us a better idea on how we are progressing , taking nothing away from the last game just not a true feel for exactly how much we have improved. Don’t get me wrong you can tell we have for sure improved , think we are more athletic - - quicker - - more aggressive. I really want to focus on the defense, see how our progression is doing.

    Actually more interested on that side of the ball , looks like Phelps is gonna be a bonus for us /legit yet again we shall get more of a true answer Saturday. West Virginia has a pretty stout D-Line, will be interesting how we can move the ball on the ground against their D-Line , might be fun. Jalen looks good handled the team well. Thing that I was impressed with was the mechanics, pretty clean game when the starters were in. Most mistakes came with the reserves

    We have improved guys can’t be denied that, It will be good to see us be competitive against WV there is a lot of people expecting to be including WV people. A lot saying that if other teams are thinking playing KU is just like a bye week - - they are in for a big surprise , those days are gone. - I just think the big key again is gonna be our O-Line holding their ground against WV D-Line. -The last I seen or read on the betting line was like 13 - - I can’t complain with that - -that was about right I was thinking before I seen anything - -for once in a long time I’m ready for the next game - -truthfully yes we are not world beaters, but I know this - -KU WILL SHOW UP you can take that to the bank these 55-0 - -or 63-10 days are over, Ku gonna represent that’s for sure… - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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