Do you have the Answer ? - -I'm not sure I do

  • Well, we sure are kind of stuck it seems like in a vicious circle. Read an Article today and it was talking about all the remodels , renovations , of Programs within and out of the big 12. - -Believe it was an article written by Matt Tait I think , can’t remember for sure. Talking about how these programs up grading - -mentioning San Diego State - - Fresno State and multiple others and then referring to the actually immediate need of reno on the old depleted David Booth Stadium.

    We have a real problem/situation here and not an easy answer. David Booth needs overhaul , & I mean MAJOR overhaul & like now. Problem is this - - it’s kind of like we are caught in a circle , Overhauls that we need cost major money.- Heard all kinds of idea’s all the way from 3-4 phase remodel - -to other idea’s of complete demolish , my view is complete demolish is not the Answer.

    I feel we need phases, the problem with a complete demolish if we were to do that then where do we play ? - -Your probably looking at a 2-3 year project at least in a case like that. Yet where the real problem lays is FUNDS. Where do we get the funds for any of this ? and here within lays the problem. -Our Big Donors before they turn loose of a load of money for refurbish is they want to see results on the field - - they want to see real progress - - -they want to see results - -see what they are investing their money into , they want return on their investment. Loyalty of Alums only go so far. Which you can understand as they didn’t get where they are by making bad decisions on bad investments. -So they need to see production on the field - -they have to have hope .So then we have that - -THEN we have or becomes recruiting , when we bring in recruits , our facilities become a major role in recruitment ? - -How does KU stand up - - compare to other programs facilities ? - When better recruits actually just about any recruit comes in and see what we got and that recruit is being recruited by other Schools that’s where comparison comes in. It becomes for some why do I want to play in a Barn when I can play in a Palace ? - It plays a role in a decision for a recruit belief that. When you add the current state of lack of success & our facilities that’s two strikes for a recruit right off, put’s us down before we get a chance.

    That’s how we are caught right now – in order to get money/funds we have to produce/progress on the field - - in order to show progress on the field we have to have quality recruits for progress , in order to get better recruits we have to or need better facilities for a part of it .- - - -So I’m not sure how we fix it --what’s the answer

    We got the Coach - -We have the Staff , problem is he is playing against a stacked deck against him , I’m afraid nothing gets done and then we in turn lose the Coach that this program has needed for a very long time

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