So let the rumors begin.

  • So of and running , rumors have started up again pretty furiously about reno at Memorial stadium. - -Now guys I don’t have any kind of information myself , just things that have been poste about Renovation of Memorial. Coming from 2-3 different Sources. Reddit CFB had a post about it & Vernon poster about it.

    Of Course you have Boo-Koo different opinions and thoughts -things people saying and of Course the most truthful thing being said it will be reno while others said for the price of the amount it’s going to cost it would be better to total demolish and rebuild.

    Heard these numbers nothing Concrete but numbers being tossed out saying if we were to just start from scratch we could probably get out for 300 Million -but if it’s a Reno because Memorial is so far behing code in so many different area’s your looking at more of 400/500 million - just so much within the inner structure.

    There is talk that KU will not play any of their games in Lawrence during this and talk of playing at Sporting Park - -well there is difference of opinion there also - -who the el knows. Like I said I don’t but just going with the for some conversation here, peoples opinions. - -Then other talk about it being done in Phases which makes the most sense to me. - -People saying they won’t be playing at Sporting Park because Sporting Park pretty touchy about things as they I guess have other obligations something along that line.

    The last thing I got from the jest of this that another source of Money was that BIT COIN was ponying up Money with Booth on this and less the a 1/3 of the money would come from donations So who else ha heard anything about this ? - -you guys thoughts ? - suggestions would love to hear some others feelings/thoughts. - – Bottom line I know like so many others that we for sure need updte on the stadium the way it is now is a disgrace and this has been a long time coming for sure - - So Guys ?.

  • KU hasn’t finalized any details of it yet, all is speculation at this point. I know for sure is that it’s a top priority for Girod and Goff, and likely to be announced next fall sometime along with a comprehensive capital campaign through the Endowment.

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