Dam Ladies- -- -that hurts

  • Dammit, the ladies had this 14 seconds to go up 1 and turn it over on the in bounds lose to 14 Baylor like 80–81 79–mercy so dam close

  • Yeah, came so close.

  • @AsadZ said in Dam Ladies- -- -that hurts:

    Yeah, came so close.

    ya they did. I will ssay this though , it looks like they are finally getting there in being able to compete in Conference. – Yes they were losses BUT they hung with Oklahoma for the majority of their game kinda got away in the final minutes - - This Baylor game they were in the lead quite a bit and then Baylor hit them with a hay maker but the Ladies just kept fighting back. Proud of them anyways, Like the announcers said you can see how KU has improved because before this the last couple of times they played Baylor we got beat by like 23 points and 26 points. - So you figure all three of our losses this year have been against ranked opponents. - - -Oklahoma , Baylor , and Tennessee and they gave Tennessee a battle too. - -still got work to do but at least they fight now

  • After a long time, I feel good about our Ladies program

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