Anybody else see that Charges /Raiders game ?

  • Anyone else happen to catch this game , especially the ending ? -holy cow , that game was just insane. Chargers and Herbert down late and I mean like just a little over or right at two minutes, Herbert facing 2 & ten - - 3rd & ten - multiple 4th & ten and just kept coming through - - Clutch- -that last drive to force over time ws like they said like a 20 play - -ya 20 plays over like 75 yards and like scored with like what 3 seconds to go not quite sure but the TD came on the last play of regulation - -still down two - - and I’ll be darn if they didn’t get the two point conversion - - making it I believe 29-29.

    The announcers kept saying this is nuts it was like 4 or 5 forth and 10’s Herbert converted. Every time he pulled it off I just had to sit back and say this is insane/nuts - -then they take turns with FG’S and then Carrdrives Las Vegas down the field and they pull if out unbelievable game

  • 2 good qb’s!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Anybody else see that Charges /Raiders game ?:

    2 good qb’s!

    yes they are very solid

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