BIG /Big 12 conversation

  • Just been thinking some & watching over the football & now Basketball Season. I know a lot of talk down the line about KU moving to and joining the BiG & the thing is - - Maybe it will happen - - Maybe it won’t. I’m not really sure one way or another. I just don’t know if we bring enough to the table to be accepted or not.

    Yet I’ve been pondering and the more I think about it - - IF again IF we don’t get the invite - - it’s not the end of the world . We have some quality teams coming in Yes for sure were losing ONE really quality team in football to the SEC -Oklahoma , I think Texas is in for a rude wake up in the SEC , they could very easily find them selves as a middle of the pack in football. Where as the teams we are taking in represent them selves well - -ya maybe not Oklahoma quality - Texas Quality Yete Houston making the play offs this year - -Cincinnati good club - -and BYU solid - I think they will show just fine in the Big 12

    Basketball wise I think we gain with again Cincinnati & Houston , Houston currently ranked 12th & BYU is a pretty solid club not sure if they are ranked or not but very solid. - I think we get the edge in the Basketball side of this for sure. Bottom line IF we don’t gt the invite , I think the Big 12 can survive and I think YES we will add even more teams returning to full Big 12 maybe more. The more I look at this I think maybe not quite sa bad as one would think

  • 3rd in conference, at best.

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