Checking our League stats

  • well looking and begin thinking maybe a little hard on the boys. Of course every fans dream is that perfect team , that perfect ball all of us can be very critical at times - -to critical. We stack up pretty well against the other teams in our league except for a couple of area’s ; - -On the minus side we are 7th in rebounding, which may be the reason some of these teams have played us some closer then should of we avg 36.7 rpg - we need improvement stop those 2nd chance points. - - we are 8th in the league in steals at 7.7 per game - that surprised me some & then 6th in free throw %- - only shooting 69.6 got to get better can costs us some close games in important times - like in the NCAA tourney.

    BUT on the plus side : - -we are 1st in scoring the ball at 84.3 per game - - - -2nd in assists at - - 17 per game - -3rd best in not turning the ball over only 11.9 per game - – -1st in field goal % at 50.7 per game - - and 1st in 3 pt % at 37.2

    So I have got to stay inside myself and try not to be so dam hard on the guys - -clean up a couple of things and we in great shape

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