Shiver - Post game player press conference

  • I think Andrew White is going to have a great year. Listening to him speak in this press conf. just shows he has the right attitude, knows what Self wants and what he has to do to be successful. GO HARD EVERY PLAY! Play DEFENSE!

    There is always one player each year who comes out of no where and steps up, makes the most progress and surprises. I think he is this years surprise!

  • Agreed @Mr Miyagi. White doesn’t look as flashy as Wiggins, but was very good tonight. I think he not only played himself into rotation, but might have a shot at starting too. It showed how much a year under Coach Self, one can improve. There is a huge advantage in a sophomore over a freshman unless one is an extra ordinary talent like Wiggins.

    Another good sign is Lucas tries really hard and may have chances to contribute. Obviously he is not as conditioned as the other bigs like Black and Embiid. He needs to push himself more.

    One game in the book, and there is a lot of be excited about.

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