Bob Dole

  • One of the KU greats passed away at age 98. While politics has always been divisive, I long for the era of his politics when people disagreed strongly but did it in a way that doesn’t happen as much anymore.

    I always appreciated his humility. While not a native Kansan ever, as many of you are, his attempt at the presidency was interesting. While Clinton’s detractors attempted to slander him with his draft dodging, as well as the younger Bush, Bob Dole was a WW2 wounded veteran who apparently never had use of his shoulder again. Yet seemingly he could have made that a part of who he was in the '96 election and gained votes but didn’t. Americans love a war hero and he seemed to fit that bill.

    In reality being wounded in the war probably has no bearing on how you’d be as a president, so maybe it’s a moot point.

    Wondering what your thoughts of Bob Dole were as Kansans? Certainly many of you remember him as a Kansas senator.

  • @wissox Sorry but I had posted same thing a little earlier sorry - hadn’t seen yours till now

  • I posted this in the other thread already but he was definitely behind some universally good things. Links are in the other thread.

  • @BShark Oh, sorry I missed it.

  • “I’m curious to learn if I am correct in thinking that Heaven will look a lot like Kansas. And I look forward to seeing if I can still vote in Chicago.”

    Bob Dole. GOAT.

  • @wissox My step father was from Russell, and knew Senator Dole. When his father was getting the runaround with the V.A., step dad called Senator Dole, and the problem was solved immediately. Dole was a man that carried himself with wisdom and dignity, and represented Kansas tremendously for many years.

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