Ok, so I guess I'm missing something about our guys

  • Well guys tipoff is here. Watching Villanova / Mount St Mary’s - - - -Guys somebody tell me where I’m wrong I’m open have someone tell me different, what I’m missing please

    Read the Article off ESPN and the odds of Schools winning the NCAA was just surprised maybe wearing my Crimson ? Blue glasses to much BUT almost knocked me over when I saw we was like the 9th best choice to win the Title - -NINETH? - -Gonzaga , Michigan , UCLA , Villanova , Kentucky , Purdue , Texas , Duke , KU.

    So ok I don’t have much problem with the list BUT OK now I just need someone to explain Why we are unde some of these guys as I would take our chances against some of these guys. Villanova MIGHT BE A TOSS UP MAYBE but I can’t see Kentucky , Purdue , DUKE & even Texas. - Here is where I guess I’m just biased - -but I think we stand as good of chance of winning the whole thing just as much as these teams I mentioned - -yet they got us listed 9th favorite at 16-1 I think we should be above these guys maybe other then Villanova - -the others I just don’t see it. So I guess I need to have someone tell me why we are lower.

    .We have Depth - - We have experience - We have the talent - -ok tell me why please

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