• Insurance! Nice

  • Feeling good about getting 3 pts now

  • Dest back to bumbling around with the ball and lead foot first touches. Maybe we should have subbed him after the assist

  • Weah looking electric off the bench

  • Wow nice run Weah

  • Solid second half.

  • It was a good win. I’m a new soccer fan, but stand by my assessment that we need to be more aggressive defensively. We can’t always just outscore opponents, need to stop them from scoring. Alot of that may be due to our youth.

  • Good showing last night. The opponent helped, but it was good to see a solid win. Pepi won’t score every game, but he seems to find himself in a position to score pretty often…more than we can say for Sargent, Pefok, et al. Musah brings another element to the team as well. Love the midfield of Musah/Adams/McKennie. The back 4 still are shaky, but I liked the performance.

  • @focojayhawk agree that Pepi has a knack in the box and > Sargent . I liked the guys we rolled with, only minor complaints are Dest and Zardes. Zardes was ineffective as usual and Dest looked sloppy save his huge assist to break the tie. Hope we stay consistent with this group plus the missing stars.

  • @approxinfinity First off…thanks for the heads up on the American Fiasco podcast. Listened to it in one sitting at work. Fascinating.

    I agree on Dest. He is obviously skilled with the ball, but he turns it over a ton and he’s a defender who doesn’t defend. I’m not the most nuanced soccer fan, but I just don’t see it with him. He starts for Barca so what do I know? He and Robinson bring great skill/speed coming forward, but Robinson at least tries on D which seems like a bit more than Dest.

  • I watched but didn’t really watch last nights loss. Long weekend of soccer, and I was ready to turn off my brain when I got home. Anyone have some insights?

  • I have a lot of thoughts…

    –Berhalter did a lot of talking about not looking ahead and treating every game on its own. Then he switched out 7 starters hoping to get a draw to set them up (in theory) for Costa Rica. Made no sense.

    –Pepi is hot as a pistol and he sits…for Zardes? Zardes scored at least…except it was for the wrong team. Adams sits…for Acosta…who then takes every free kick? Aaronson sits. All of those are questionable on their own…never mind that they’re already playing without Pulisic, Reyna, McKennie because of injury. Just unforgivable.

    –I can’t see it with Bello, Acosta, Zardes, Arriola or Lletget. IMO none of them should even be on the team much less playing in a game like this. They had so many other options both on the squad (De la Torre, Richards, Hoppe, Busio) and left off this set that are so much better.

    –Lletget seems incapable of ever playing the ball forward. There were countless times when he had openings forward only to pass the ball back to the center backs. Musah didn’t play great tonight, but he at least tries to push the ball forward. His reward for pushing forward was to be replaced by Roldan (really?). Sadly Lletget is just a Berhalter guy and outside of him getting hurt or stealing Gregg’s wife, there’s little he can do to be taken off of the squad.

    –It’s a missed opportunity that will be largely forgotten if they get 3 points against Costa Rica on Wednesday.

    Not sure that Gregg is the guy, but don’t think he’s going anywhere sadly. I’d still love to see this team with Pulisic, Reyna, McKennie, Pepi, Aaronson and Adams as their front six. So much potential there. Not much with all of the MLS guys Gregg keeps calling up. We’ll see

  • nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that

  • This team with a better coach could have a bright future.

  • Dest looks much better tonight. That strike was money

  • @approxinfinity very good player. This team has a lot of talent playing for good Euro clubs. Big key.

  • Whew, got the 3 pts

  • Outside of the first minute, that was as enjoyable of a half of soccer that I’ve seen the USMNT play in years in that first half. Moved the ball well. Attacked on both sides. Created plenty of chances. The right side with McKennie/Musah/Dest was so good and so dynamic. Bogged down a bit in the second half, but it felt exciting to watch them push forward more. Some of that was going a goal down and some of it was the opponent, but it at least showed that they’re capable of it.

    Dest is such a talent going forward. His goal was awesome. He’s also why they gave away the goal as he let his guy behind him. He fits their team as a right back, but there are going to be 3-4 times/game when he gives the opponent a great chance to score. Last night it bit them.

    Overall a good win I think. Hopefully they’ll have Reyna and Pulisic back next month when they get Mexico.

  • @focojayhawk thought mckinnie and a Robinson looked sloppy and I didn’t like the Steffan over Turner call. Thought Weah deserved the start and didn’t understand why Arriola was playing forward anyway, when they said he was a late scratch replaced by Weah. Glad that happened as we neeeed Weah. Glad Zardes didn’t get on til stoppage time. Team played well, really liked what Adams, Aaronson, Dest and Weah provided

  • How many more matches do we have to win to qualify for the World Cup? I mean, for real, it’s like it never ends. Serious… How many more, we’ve beaten damn near all of Central America but for one, how many more?

  • Not yet halfway through the third round of CONCACAF qualifying. It is indeed a long process.

  • @approxinfinity This is a fun one so far

  • @BShark how great was Pulisic coming in and blowing it open? What a cross by Weah. Our roster was exactly what I wanted save Dest missing and Steffan in goal. But Steffan was solid and so was Yedlin.

  • Musah/McKennie/Adams in the midfield for the next 5-6 years? I’ll take that any day. Pulisic/Aaronsen/Reyna/Weah as options on the wing? I’ll take that too.

    It’s so fun to beat Mexico

  • Weah is why you want guys in Europe. His soccer iq is off the charts due to being in the PSG youth system.

  • @focojayhawk undoubtedly, and they play dirty against us. We need to get a little tougher.

  • @BShark oh yeah, no comparison, not even close. A little over halfway there now right? Qualifying?

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