• Wilt got two rings with fine coach/GM combos that knew how to put winning teams together. None without.

    Lebron has never had a good coach/GM combo, just a good team President that knew how to run the team on the floor from upstairs. He has 2 rings, none without.

    Oscar never got a good pro organization till the end and got one ring.

    Thus the NBA HAS squandered the three greatest talents in the history of the game.

    Jordan, and Big Russ, and Jabbar, and Tim Duncan, who clearly had less talent than Lebron and Wilt in their primes won way more rings than Wilt and Lebron and Oscar.

    Only great organizations win many rings. They have to have a great coach and an extremely savvy GM.

    Everything else is a freak ring.

    Lebron should be hiring a great coAch and GM that already know how to win.

    Otherwise he is just going home to futility.

    P.S.: I forgot to include the guard that I personally would want on my team even more than Oscar, or Jordan–Magic Johnson, because he was the greatest MUA on the perimeter of any player of all time.

    Magic flat out got good coaching from childhood and Jud Heathcote, whom I was not any more warm and fuzzy about than Ratso Izzo, was still a solid coach. But it was under West and Riley that Magic really blossomed into the greatest point guard of all time–the player that no team ever had MUA on. Magic’s bunch of rings came under two masters of the game, while playing with one of the three best centers of all time–Jabbar. But put Magic in a dumb organization that did not know how to put the pieces together, and he would have been added to the great talent squandered list. Organizations are the only way to win many rings.

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