Oh so it begins boys - - -Here we go

  • Hell ya , here we go boys Day 1. - I’m stoked , the blood flowing , I’m stoked - - - -’’ FOOTBALL ‘’ - -I am R E A D Y LOL. - -just got this whole different feel , you can see it in the camp. Oh ya I think I’m gonna like this Guy. ( Coach Leipold ) it’s business boys. guys are stoked - - I’m stoked. - we goi ng to be world beaters ? - - Hell no. BUT I tell you what I’m telling you I think were going to be more competitive that’s for sure.

    Neal is an absolute STUD. Your gonna love this kid. Like Scott Chasen says - he is built like a brick shithouse without a brick missing, NOT your typical Freshman. - Thick. - -Our RB group is big , Neal , Hickson . & others

    Ya buddy I’m stoked - - I’m ready Are you ready for some FOOTBALL ? A Sunday Night Party ? lol -seriously I think maybe just maybe , with the players Coach Miles got in here & now this group of Coach’s - -I’m tellin ya I think we just might be coming around the Curve, and headed back up. - -Slowly - - -by steadily up? - -Mercy I’m pumped. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark said in Oh so it begins boys - - -Here we go:

    Hell ya , Thank ya buddy. - - Just like the Song says , you can feel it - - you can feel it in the Air. I’m READY can ya feel it ? I think it’s time to embrace this program again , get behind these guys put some butts in the stands,

    I know it’s hard but we got to try. Embrace these players, seeing fans can fire them up more, We can only hope that we can at least keep the game interesting into the 4 th quarter Get behind this staff , I think we have a guy that can motovate these kids. I think we are close - we are that close to maybe finally start up that hill and get the hell out of this hole.

    Get to that point where we the fans can actually look forward at least a little bit to going to the game on the weekend - -tailgate and get fired up. I know I’m ready, I may be the ONLY one ready but I’m ready. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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