Well my Boy Aaron coming back for one last year

  • Well I guess we ( The Packers ) looks like are going to get Aaron for one more year. - - Pretty close to being done , gave up enough concessions to get him to come back - - Void the 2023 year of his Contract. So last shot to get that Super Bowl Ring. - - Let me say this again , so many people are soo far off on this. This whole scenario IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. - -Dam if that was it The Front office extended an offer that would of made Aaron the highest paid player of ALL positions in all of Football , and he turned it down - - -IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

    It’s about the garbage front office Management they suck. - -They have screwed players around screwed up deals after screwed up deals. They Screwed Clay over - - They Screwed Jordy over - - In the Process of screwing Aaron. After this year they are going to have no one to blame but theirselves… - -Jordy & Clay BOTH was willing to take less money but NOPE Gb didn’t even talk never made ANY kind of offer.

    They have it worded that they will sit down at the end of the Season and talk with Aaron again see where they are at. - -I’m telling you there is no way Aaron returns after next year unless they get rid of the GM - -Rodgers has quite a big problem with him. I suppose if Aaron did well this season and they sit down after the season I SUPPOSE aNYTHING could HAPPEN but not likely… Think with Aaron they are once again a legit threat to make the super bowl but they better make it this year. Cause after this year they gonna struggle to be an 8-8 team for sometime to come. Their front office is trash.

  • What a messy situation this was.

  • @BShark said in Well my Boy Aaron coming back for one last year:

    What a messy situation this was.

    It sure was/is. I’m watching the NFL network right now , & Good Morning Football. I’ll stand up right here and right now , I love Aaron Rogers we could sit here and debate back and forth all day whether he has under preformed OR over preformed. They said on the show is one of the best ever -which if not he is sooo close. Last year I don’t blame Aaron for the loss in the playoffs - - I fully blame the Coach’s you have your MVP QB with a 3rd and goal from like the 7 and the go ahead touchdown and call some piece of crap play and I think they kick the field goal taking the ball out of Aarons hands and depending on your Defense to make the stop which they didn’t of Course. - -They hadn’t done it all day.

    Aaron has got lots of questions he is gonna get asked , and he needs to answer them today , like they said cause his teamates are going to be asked those same questions everyday. He needs to answer the obvious questions today that way the team mates won’t need to be asked those questions day after day after day. They simply can say Aaron has already answered that. - -He is going to have to regain some players respect again - should be interesting

    I know this might sound very non believable now especially since next years has been voided but we will have to see how the year goes. IF Aaron has a really solid year again the team and Aaron said they will sit down after the season take a look and re-evulate It’s not totally impossible they kiss and hug and all that and he stays yet again - -Possible ? - Probable - -at this point anyways probably not. -It’s just so many people so confused thinking he is an egotistical Money hungry conceited guy - - -umm no - - no he is not. - -IT WASN’T ABOUT THE MONEY. - -Aaron has money coming out his waa-zooo -it’s the differences between him and front office.

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