Tonight's exhibition game - 3 things to look for

  • Anyone here going to the game tonight? Those that aren’t how/where will you be watching the game?

    Those that will be watching, what are 3 things you will be watching for in this game?

    For me it would be…

    1. Do we play any defense yet and how is the new hand checking rule going to change the game.

    2. Is there any team chemistry yet. Do we work together as a team or just individuals taking their shots.

    3. What lineups Self will be trying out and how effective they are.

  • I get in AFH tonight and again for Huggybear the 2 games this season my company assigned to me. Glad to see the opening video and how it has changed from last year. Then can we play defense and who escapes the dreaded red shirt. Memories of a lot of 1st timers that really screwed it up, RussRob, JuJu, even Brady looked lost and got better over the 5 years, a ton better.

  • @lighthawk Jealous!!!

  • First, defense. Talking, on ball, help D, steals, and swats. Second, running the floor. Alley oops and easy baskets. Third, fun! Are they having a great time?!

  • My things to watch: 1. How do the top 3 freshmen perform against the cupcakes. 2. How do the 3 redshirt eligible freshmen perform against the cupcakes. 3. Which 3 redshirt eligible freshmen has the best attitude to be a Jayhawk in the long run. 4. Which redshirt eligible freshman will benefit the most from a redshirt year and whether he appears to accept the fact that he will be more valuable in the later year. The way Coach Self put it, redshirt is a benefit trading a 18 year old body for a 23 year old body. What is there to lose? On the other hand, Coach Self may not grant one a redshirt year if he doesn’t think he won’t contribute much later. So this is my watch number 5. All body gestures from my TV since I won’t hear any rumbling up close.

    Let’s hope ESPN3 comes through. Rock Chalk time now!

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