Headlinez/Counterheadlinez 6.28.14

  • ESPN: Martin transferring to SMU, eligible to play

    JSN: In which LB knocked last season, and kicks the door down this.

    ESPN: Indiana unveils student-athlete bill of rights

    JSN: Chastened by a $20M settlement to avoid a precedent setting legal loss in Ed O’Bannon’s suit that in layman’s terms said something close to the NCAA had been stealing from players, university lawyers and media consultants appear to go into damage control mode and make low cost gestures that should have been made long ago, and which in a just world would be sued retroactively for to recover damages in the interest of ALL former players wrongly subjected to one year education contract “scholarships” (as who can graduate in one season?)

    ESPN: Niagara forward Thomas transferring to Miami

    JSN: In which Larranaga tries to get off the ropes after a 17-16 season.

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