Rock Chalk Talk is looking for writers

  • “Enjoy talking about KU sports? Enjoy complaining about it? Are you a stat geek? RCT needs a few good men or women to help contribute to the site. If you’re interested, check this out.” Just thought there were a few talented guys posting on this site that might be interested?


  • “Talented”,that leaves me out.

  • I never was good with deadlines… Or talent. Think I’ll just stay here in the peanut gallery.

  • Step up Jaybate.

  • Isn’t the problem with that Rock Chalk Talk site that they just have some goofy little intro and then post a bunch of links to and All flash and no substance. (They do have some decent photos on the front page though)

    Unless they intend to change their format and allow some real journalism to take place on their site, I don’t see why anyone on here would go write for that site. If they want to upgrade their substance, they should say so in their advertisement. Their site is the polar opposite of this site.

    I just find it odd that they don’t observe these differences in their ad. It’s like going to the DNC to hire a Republican campaign manager (or vice versa).

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