• ESPN: Ex-Baylor C Austin has $1M insurance policy

    JSN: Thank heavens. Does Embiid have one?

    ESPN : Cincy coach Cronin gets a new 7-year deal

    JSN: Any man that turns down NC State, Illinois, and Minnesota to stay at UCinn must really value the advantages of recruiting to a private school, right?

    ESPN: U.S. trounces Canada to win U-18 hoops title

    JSN: U.S. winning margin averaged +57 for five games; who says the world is closing the gap?

    ESPN: Congress hikes scrutiny on NCAA’s actions

    JSN: FEMA COG tells Congress its all secret; maybe NCAA could try it, too.

    ESPN: USC to expand scholarships to four years.

    JSN: This just means players don’t have to go to class for four years at USC.

    ESPN: Ex-Oregon players suspended as students

    JSN: “Just don’t do it.”

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