KU names Emmett Jones the Jayhawks' interim football coach

  • So just have to sit back and just wonder and really don’t think there IS a good solid answer to this. The question becomes or I should/would say IF Jones does not become the HC & I really don’t think there is a snow balls chance in hell that he does but if he doesn’t I sure the hell hope they retain him on the staff.

    Main reasoning and the longer this HC search continues - -the longer it goes on the more connection with these players, the stronger that connection becomes. He is very popular with the players it seems , he seem to have alot of backing from the players before he was announced the Interim , and not by any means am I a Jones basher. I like the guy & maybe it would be in the best interest to let him have the year , see how things turn out. You add it up with him having that bond with the players & on plus on top of that the OC that just recently came in - -if we retain these two then you have A LOT less disruption.

    I’m really afraid we name that new Coach and not retain Jones in some aspect , were going to lose players - -maybe mass and that for sure we can’t afford.

    Then we have another problem that very well could arise , just what we need. - - What about the new OC ? - -we get another new HC he wants to bring in another OC - - THAT sits us back for sure , the kids just learning DeBord’s Scheme his Offense get comfortable with it and then we let him go ? - -Kids have to start ALL OVER - - YET AGAIN another new offensive scheme that’s just not good, especially for a team that has been so terrible for so long.

    Still questions to be answered, just think personally we need to try and keep these guys in some way - -cal me crazy , but I think not

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