Big XII Tourney (early thread)

  • As we approach the tournament, wanted to give you guys a perspective of what our team will be going through. Got this response from the lady in Coach’s office that I have been in contact over the years to get me swag.

    I could never forget you! I will be sure to tell Coach Q and KT hi from you!

    This season has been so hard for all of the players. We have been fortunate that we haven’t had a lot of COVID issues like other schools, so we won’t be scrambling to make them up right before the Big 12 Tourney. They will head over to Kansas City for the tourney and ‘get in their bubble’ and then leave straight to Indianapolis from there and stay in that bubble. Taking a small travel party, so I won’t be going but will be able to help them and work from here while they are there. Wanting to do whatever they can to keep playing and staying healthy! They have definitely been improving – as Coach is the best and knows how to change things up when it’s needed!**

    We need to go out and get Baylor on Saturday and end the regular season on a good note for sure!

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