Nice little article about Devon

  • Read an article talking about Devon. - -Interviewed his Dad and he was talking about how happy his Dad was that Devon was getting the chance for a Team that Devon grew up loving and getting the Chance to play for that team - his Dad obviously happy to get that chance to see him.

    Talking about how Chicago didn’t send their G league affiliate to the Disney World bubble where the league is hosting it’s 18 game schedule campaign but THEY DID send Devon.

    Devon is getting reps with the Cleveland Cavaliers affiliate the Canton Charge and Devon in a starting role already making an immediae impact averaging 14 points per game – 6 assists per game - - 5.5 rebounds per game - -and a steal.

    Breakdown of his first 2 games are : Against Memphis 16 points - - 2 assists - - -1 TO & 2 rebounds in 29 minutes. - his 5 first half shots came at the rim & his 1st step quickness was on full display.

    Game 2 against the Greensboro Swarm he had 12 points & TEN ASSISTS - - -3 turnovers – 9 rebounds & a steal in 35 minutes -Hope things work out for him ultra quick.

    The bulls Coach said just wasn’t a good spot at present with them having 3 guards and Devon was getting a chance to show and Devon was a guy that needed to play - -Keep up the work buddy hoping it pays off

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