Well Andy - -time for Son to go

  • Looks like Britt has got himself in a real mess. - -The car he hit has put a little 5 year old in life threating Condition , SUPER. - -This guy has a history of DUI’s and looks like it might have just caught up with him. Authorities took 4 vials of blood to determine if he was impaired , A officer reported Reed smelled of Alcohol & Britt’s eye’s were bloodshot , Britt was given several Sobrioty tests and Reed showed signs of impairment. The officer asked Britt if he had been drinking and he responded that he had, had 2-3 drinks and was on Adderol - - WOW that’s a winning combination right there. - - Adderol. - -remember what they say never be mixing drugs and Alcohol bad combination.

    Not a good look time for him to be removed from the Coaching staff , he has problems he needs to get taking care off. – Prayers for the Child hoping they survuve

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