ESPN Headlinez/JSN Counter Headlinez

  • ESPN: McCants standing firm on ‘truth’ about UNC

    JSN: UNC coup continues?–first the foundation President, now Roy–someone must really want to take down Dean’s fiefdom at long last.

    ESPN: Pearl, Auburn land Niagara transfer Mason

    JSN: But will Pearl allow Mason to pack heat on joy rides for old time’s sake?

    ESPN: Ibaka’s brother to play for Oklahoma State

    JSN: OSU sucking so bad they are signing brothers.

    ESPN: Economist: Coaches reap benefits

    JSN: And the night is dark.

    ESPN: Georgetown-Cuse rivalry to resume in 2015

    JSN: Two coaches that deserve to play each other.

    ESPN: Both UConn hoops teams visit White House

    JSN: Be nice. He can have you assassinated.

    ESPN: NCAA reaches $20M settlement in EA case

    JSN: If they’ll pay this, think how much they must really be making off this sort of thing.

    ESPN: Sources: Cavs offered Calipari nearly $80M

    JSN: If Cal will turn down nearly $80M, think how much he must really being netting down at Lexington.

    ESPN: WVU’s Huggins has hip replacement surgery

    JSN: Hey, basketball god, isn’t Huggs playing in a league from another time zone enough penance for turning the game into thug ball?

    ESPN: Irish’s Connaughton to play another season

    JSN: Confession is good for the soul but delays big bones.

    ESPN: Transfer Harris to join Spartans, ‘genuine’ Izzo

    JSN: Eron goes from Huggo Muggo to Ratso Izzo

    ESPN: Roy Williams: In ‘disbelief’ about McCants

    JSN: Uh-oh, “disbelief” sounds like one of those things attorneys tell you to say.

    ESPN: UK inks Calipari to 7-year, $52.5M contract

    JSN: Why did Cal turn down nearly $27.5M to stay in Lexington? Doesn’t he know the salmon are biting on Lake Erie?

    ESPN: Goodman: Billy Donovan best at NBA prep

    JSN: Hell, yes! Billy got Noah and Horford to wait to turn pro; that was the best NBA Prep they could have gotten.

    (Note: All satire. No malice.)

  • I like it! The strong ability to turn the stone to see the “flip side” of something is something that takes practice. Great work, 'bate! Each one made me think.

  • @ralster THXs

  • As usual, very entertaining … I don’t have to pay you for this service, do I?

  • I will just say this about that. If there was money thrown at the athletes in the 70’s above and beyond housing/tuition/meals top athletes I was very close to,some I roomed with at Jayhawk Towers or on the road on road trips NEVER mentioned anything extra to this day. I still believe KU runs a clean program-but has OUTSTANDING support for bball- and in my day football was also on top (two bowl games). Dominating Big 8 swim and track teams-including WORLD CLASS Track Athletes didn’t even get a nod.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    God, how I hope you are right.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    As usual, its on the house. 🙂

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