Lumpy, you have a facebook memory...

  • 6 years ago yesterday, the Vegas odds maker’s had KU losing to Texas. Jaybate, who was a painter of word pictures, decided to explain the calculus of the computerized betting dialogue. Most of the time I would have to use a dictionary to follow along with these mesmerizing bon mots of wisdom.

    Jamari Traylor, with whom half of the Bucketeers wished to see benched, played his tail off defensively that day with the Hustle play that will always be remembered. I can’t find the video which shows his three sprints back an forth between defense, offense and then a flying torpedo finish that made Bill Self say that it was the best defensive energy he had ever seen.

    I did find this version that begins with Jamari fling into the stands only to climb out of the stands for the famous dive.

  • I know Self has a pic of Mari on the floor From that day. At least I remember him saying that and of course that is one of his all time fav. Plays!

  • Thanks for the memory! We should do a KU Memories vid page. I love watching clips like that.

  • I have to admit that I assumed this was a clip of Jamari’s dunk at Texas…which was AWESOME

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