Well what I'm thinking is

  • Well just here to put my two cents worth in , not trying to get any heated debate, just a thought. The way i see it I’m in a situation I can’t lose. See either way if things play out - - -I win. - - It’s looking like more and more that there is better then an average chance that most of you KC Chiefs & my Green Bay team just very well might end up playing against one another in the Super Bowl.

    See I like BOTH teams , BUT make no mistake I’m Green Bay through and through. all the way back to Starr , Nitscke , Dowler , Brockington to Aderly to name a few. - -i remember the Ice bowl- -so been a fan for quite some time.

    What a game it would be too. Your MVP is going to play in that game if it happens for one team or the other. Mahlomes is playing great , My boy Aaron having super year now has 44 TD passes and 5 Int - -pretty good ratio. - - We just got through last night destroying Tennessee 40-14 last night.

    Would love to see this happen. - I mean nothing in stone yet , but both teams getting closer. - -KC has home field all the way through. - Green bay win next week will have home field all the way through. - -Would be fun watching these two teams going up and down the filed. - -Tennessee had the # 1 Scoring offense going in last night - -Pack held Henry under 100 yards which that’s quite a feat been running wild. Green Bay ran for over 200yars last night Dillon had 134 yards Jones right at 100 yards. - -Yet if this takes place either team wins I’m fine with that,- - -Would truly love to have Green Bay take it BUT if they meet and KC wins I can accept that too. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Mahomes and Rogers are my two favorite QBs in the league. I’d love to see that superbowl matchup. Wouldn’t be as fun as Chiefs going up against more of a villain NFC QB (Brady, Baker Mayfield etc), but Rogers-Mahomes would be a great matchup.

  • Here is a new little tid bit I read to day. - - -Aaron is the 1st QB in NFL history to throw for 12,000 and under 12 interceptions over a 3 year period – not to shabby.

  • Chiefs and GB are scheduled to play in 2021, game #17, as an expanded season.

  • @AsadZ said in Well what I'm thinking is:

    Chiefs and GB are scheduled to play in 2021, game #17, as an expanded season.

    I’m having to enjoy this for now and hope for the best. = =Not sure how much longer Aaron gonna play and/or IF he will even finish his Career as a Packer. This managemnt has made some terrible decisions in the last few years on who they keep and who they let go. - -There is talk that Aaron may finish elsewhere - after Aaron were screwed

  • Its Browns at Chiefs.

    I hope that Chiefs come out hot and take couple of touchdown lead and let BM take it in his hands. They have a powerful running game so make them into a throwing mode.

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