DavidMcCormack vs / Doke conversation

  • Just pondering , have heard a lot of conversation about Dave & a lot of I guess negative - searching for the right words to place here. - Like I said negative & I’m right there too I’ve been some disappointed in his play , & when I say negative talk I’m not quite sure that is actually what it is – maybe more constructive talk. I just think it might be a little hard so quickly.

    We all know Dave tries & like I’ve heard so many times - - he just gets sped up sometimes on the defensive end he looks like a fish flopping out of water ,& here is the thing I think we all got some what spoiled with Doke on the defensive end I think we could say he became an almost elite ( could that be right ? rim protector - -rebounder.

    So I think in some peoples mind we just automatically are looking/thinking Dave needs to be the same. - -THAT’S not happening - -Mc Cormack is not a rim protector never has been - - never will be, so then when that doesn’t happen then we start looking on the offensive end - -he hasn’t produced there either much this year but believe it or not he is trying right now he is just fighting himself/trying to hard almost like he is trying to hard /thinking about what he needs to do to get it right other then just playing - Just let it go Dave /play big boy. Over thinking at this point

    I know for myself anyways I know that Dave can do better - -he has done better. He will never be THE STUD but I think and have seen from last year he can be a very adquate player - -averaging 10/11 points a game and grab anywhere from 8-9 rebounds a game I know he is capable of that.

    I just really don’t think we need that much from him offensively if he could get what I mentioned 10 points or so and focus on rebounding for us. I think that maybe some wanna compare him to Doke since we just got over Doke - -Doke kind of spoiled us defensively rebounding maybe just a little harsh to fast - I think he will be fine just got to work through what he is going through at the present/ Like I said I’m just as guilty partially cause I seen some good games out of him last year -but thats OUR BOY - -we just need to back him and not pick him apart and talk down on him. don’t think there isn’t ONE SINGLE player that hasn’t gone through something like this and tried forcing things - -I for one am sticking with him - -and i think coach probably has a little better idea of what’s going on then we do - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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