KU/TCU tonight brrrrr

  • Probably a good thing no one at the game tonight - -gonna be pretty cool , doubt if there would be hardly anyone anyways , but hey chances might be a little better,

    TCU has I heard like 2o plus players that are not playing due to either possibly COVID I guess or just season ending injuries -might make things possibly a tad better for us, might be able to keep it to 20-23 point loss. Do you realize we have only scored 144 points for the entire Season to like 457 i believe for the other teams I think they was saying. - -Those are some REALLY UGLY numbers. - -Hopefully things can get better next year, cause it’s about as ugly as it can get right now. - - - Still I’m going to watch root for the boys anyways - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • WOW just heard that we could be starting as many as 6 -7 Freshman dam - -welp there goes the advantage lol

  • mercy even for one of the most loyal football KU fan - I didn’t think it was possible for us to get any worse BUTTTTTTTTTTTT - - guess what. - -this is just Sad - -sooooo sad -if we don’t have mass de-commits we wil lbe oh so fortunate. - just a complete dumpster fire.

    Elliott HAS to go - -GOD where do you start , just ridicilious secondary coverage - -well wait you have to have a secondary to have coverage - -just beyond PO’D - I mean come on now - -time to be held accountable - -enough of the excuses we we will - -well they can - well . well , well , time to call BULLSHIT

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