Kind of excited about this /Nephew

  • well I know this is nothing about KC or local but kind of excited just the same. - -My Wife’s Nephew Jake Luton plays QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars - -he is getting his 1st start today against Houston as the normal starter is out with a thumb injury.

    Jake played for Oregon State , this will be his 1st action since the final game last yr at Oregon State. - -Did pretty well in that game although they lost 54-53.

    Jake threw for 408 yards and 5 Touchdowns in that game with 1 Int - hoping he does well wish him luck guys. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well not a bad start for the wife’s Nephew. Jake 2nd attempted NFL pass results in a 73 yard TD bomb - - way to go buddy

  • Well Jake has nothing to be upset about - -true the Jaguars lost , BUT for his 1st start of his NFL career he was 26-38 in passing attempts - - -304 yards passing - - 1 passing TD & 1 rushing TD - -but also had a very crucial interception - -but for his 1st start - I would think he would have to get a passing score - -lost 27-25 - -Good Job Jake

  • He had a pretty good debut!!

  • @jayhawks2010 said in Kind of excited about this /Nephew:

    He had a pretty good debut!!

    Thank you , yes I feel like for making his 1st start in the NFL he did pretty decent job for sure. - - He started cause the starter is out with a thumb injury not sure how long that will be , probably not to long but still - - was happy for the guy - if he just could of completed to 2 point conversion would of been awesome - lost 27-25 but I think he showed he might be a quality backup QB for them for awhile - - thanks buddy - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well found out just now that the wife’s Nephew will be starting for his 2nd NFL game this weekend for Jacksonville Jaguars. He was pretty decent in his debut , 26-38 for 304 yards 1 rushing TD and 1 passing TD and a INT

    He is the 1st rookie QB in the history of the Jacksonville franchise history to throw for 300 yards in his 1st NFL debut. Also 1st NFL QB to throw for 300 yards plus - - rush for a TD and pass for a TD in his NFL Debut since 1950 - -pretty good.

    Should be really interesting for the family this weekend as he is coming to Lambeau to play against MY TEAM the Packers and Aaron. - - Sorry my dear wifie but I’ve have got to pull for my Packers. - - Had to laugh the wife says they better not hurt my Nephew - - - lol - -ya - - OK lol. - - she better talk to Kenny Clark and the Z man and Preston Smith about that - might get ugly for him.

    Still proud for how he has started out though. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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