KU/KSU - -same old song

  • What do you say when you have no words to describe. -It sounds insane to say when your down 34-7 ,but there were signs there is improvement.

    When your down 3 of your top receivers , Your OL Line can’t hold a block/maintain a block - -the RB’S have no hole to run through , there is no hole TO run through - -your top running back has left the team - -your QB situation is very shaky - - - -you have your starting punter out - - your back up punter gets hurt - -how can you possibly even entertain the thought of winning…

    Having said that you can still see signs believe it or not - this defense has really held up against some tough situations - - playing pretty well for what they are put in. - -I think in the 1st half the K-State offense has 1 TD - -OUR special teams flat ass SUCK. - can’t put that on the defense for sure

    Every Saturday these guys find some way to lose - -finally on the last time Offense had the ball they drove the ball right down the field and took it to K-State ass and scored.

    Just sad the special teams gave the game away

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