some interesting comments from coach - - makes Sense

  • Listening to Coach conference meeting with reporters today. Some takeaways I got were , probably the recruiting was the most interesting.

    Was ask how COVID had effected. He said starting out things were good , got a couple of commitments pretty fast , saying now things have been a little stale. He mentioned that had some trouble closing. He mentioned with some of the recruits that it becomes really hard when a recruit can’t visit the School , unless from what I understand he was talking about unless your in one of the more populated cities , players wanting to hurry up and commit - - not wanting another player taking their position. So not being able to visit the Campus hurts. - -Makes some sense , I can see that

    Was asked and talked about how would it be without the packed fieldhouse for games, he responded by saying that people knew that KU had the vest home court advantage over the past years - -but he said he hoped and thought also the reason we had a god record was because we had really good players , and he also mentioned that while there would be a difference - -that there would also be a difference when we go o the road cause usually we get everyone’s best shot when we play on the road.

    The players were all asked about playing in front of no one in the Phog - -all said it would be different but thought they would be ok - -Players also talking about how Tryon ? - -is a sneaky good defensive player, long arms and his ability to Score.

    Coach just said he thought although David was a different type player that he would be asked to handle be able to defend interior - said he thought David’s Scoring would pick up but had to be able to play without getting in foul trouble - - pretty interesting article. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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