Huge win for my boys tonight

  • Whew , just got through watch my boys on Sunday Night football . Packers/ Saints - - Both teams with out their top receivers. We got the W 37-30. it was up and down the filed all night.

    Was about to crawl right through my screen when GB went for it on 4th & 1 on their own side of the 50 - I already KNEW they were gonna get stuffed short - - & they did. - -Luckily for us/GB Z smith forced a fumble we got the ball back and made New Orleans pay - sweated it out entire game

    Big win on the road - -makes us 3-0 with 2 out of the t3 on the road - -Another big game next Monday as we got Atlanta at home should be another Huge game - -welp a win is a win I guess

    Aaron got the team really rolling 43 points - - 42 points- - & 37 points not to bad . Now get to watch my other boys tomorrow – your KC Chiefs and ANOTHER GREAT TEAM - -should be fun to watch. - -ROCK CHALK ALLD AY LONG BABY

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