Well sure looks like things are in the sped up process now. Was talk about possible invites to join by the end of the Month. - -NOW , they are talking like invites could go out possibly in the next 48 hours. Probably Friday Yahoo Sports say Big 12 leaders had an informal meeting Monday to review impending apps. While not vote took place , a formal vote probably later this week. - They way they have it sit up is - - They Big 12 would continue with ten members for the next two Seasons. Expansion teams BYU , UCF , CinCinnati , & Houston would join in 2023. and then would have two years at 14 teams before UT/OU departure in 2024. The League could still consider another round of expansion prior to new Television deal. BYU is the Big 12’s Clear cut top choice and could join in 2022. Big 12’s most important factors for expansion Canidates are TV EXPOSURE - - FOOT BALL RELEVANCY - -and CERTAINLY MARKET VALUE/SIZE hmmmmmm, Men’s Basketball also very important. - - - -things starting to roll quickly now - -won’t be long. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY