Ok , so I know I’m missing things , it’s just that Kevin just doesn’t have that wow factor for me. Yes I’ve heard about his defensive ability and I’m by far am not knocking that ability. It’s just that for me I’m more concerned about our Scoring ability * Kevin is not a bucket maker - -I am legit worried about where our scoring is coming from next year? Am afraid and have seen it mentioned that am afraid we could very easily have some big time scoring droughts - I’ sorry to say if some are counting on this talented Fr class to come in and be studs right off the bat produce big - -I just don’t think that will happen. They have to adjust to the College game, They are just not a group that is going to be consistent to where when you need that bucket - -they gonna get it for you. Saw an article projecting our guys projected scoring averages and just thought whoaaa at a couple. -They had Juan projecting out right at 12 a game. I’m sorry I just can’t see that- -They had Jalen projecting out at 16 , I think thats a stretch well on a consistence basis anyways , sure he could have some games like that but for yearly average-- I think J might be more a 13-14 point avg - -showing Grady at like I think maybe 6-7 a game . Just worried about our scoring side of the ball. Defensively - -should be very solid. I have no problem with Kevin - -I just don’t think he fills the bill offensively - which for me I think is the bigger concern for us next year