This has nothing to do with KU recruiting but about a week or so ago I was listening to XM College Sports Nation and I want to say it was the Chris Childers show w/ Greg McElroy. Anyways they were talking about how bad the ranking system are. They said what the ranking system in football really breaks down to is this: 5star guys are NFL locks, guys that scouting services are pretty certain will be playing on Sundays. 4star guys are those that scouts think are All-Conference players. And the 3star guys are starters on the their team. 2star guys are 2deep, for depth. McElroy also said that just because a guy is a 3 star doesn’t mean they aren’t or can’t be great. He, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton were all 3 star guys in '06.