Speaking of LeBron? I don’t care how much you donate to one cause or another. It doesn’t give you the right to act like an a hole. Now I’m not going to lay all the blame of Lebron’s attitude at his feet. Let’s not for get this poor kid when he was a kid was being labeled the best of all time. Those kinds of expectations can be very overwhelming to anybody. I think the big issue that most fans need to understand about Lebron. His that he really doesn’t have great leadership skills. He is just the best at what he does. When he was playing for the Heat Wade was the boss/leader. Lebron had no problems with it. Lebron is just not a leader. I’m betting right now as his time with the Cavs is coming to a close. He wishes he could somehow play under Curry and the Warriors. Lebron maybe indeed the best ever? Yet he plays better, and has better success when he has a leader.