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Fun fact - Gary Woodland actually attended Washburn for a year or so and played basketball before leaving for KU to focus on golf. Good call on his part.

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just my take

@JayHawkFanToo Exactly. Look at what HCBS has done with less than stellar teams. We’ve all seen experts claim that a past year was the year that there would be a new look at the top of the psuedo-Big 12 standings. And yet when the dust settled that big silly looking bird as some call it is still standing proud atop the list of also rans.

@wissoxfan83 I’m not going back to look when the last time a KU bb team didn’t go to the dance that was attributed to the team itself and not because of a coaching screwup ala Larry Brown. If not for that Roy would’ve taken the team to the dance in '89 with an 11-3 conf/30-5 overall record. I doubt seriously KU will not get the call in my lifetime unless it’s a similar situation. Unlike the Sleazy coached Kensucky team that couldn’t make it past the 1st round of the NIT.

And BTW, can somebody point me in the direction to where I can get me a pair of them crimson/blue glasses. I mean if I’m looking at things that way I may as well be in style and wear the glasses.

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Media day

@Crimsonorblue22, @JayHawkFanToo

I figured it was mental, but since Coleby is a bigger guy, he has to start working it normally, or he will injure his other leg trying to “protect” the leg he had surgery on. I am always wary of big guys with leg injuries when they take longer to heal. History has not been kind to big men with leg injuries that do not heal quickly. They are quite literally never the same.

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What doesn’t kill you…or leaves you unable to have kids, makes you stronger. LOL.

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New faces on the benches this year in the B12.


I agree. KSU should have taken Underwood when he was available; he is the future and Liberace is the past. Very difficult now for him to go to KSU when Weber gets canned, likely at the end of this season; typically coaches do not move from one conference team to another.

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Checking in on KU volleyball

@JayHawkFanToo Yea not worth risking the home court advantage for more money.

That is like saying we should have moved the UK vs KU game to Sprint center because it could have held more people.

You don’t take away your home court advantage. That comfort level is worth every penny.

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Reviewing the homecoming loss

@Texas-Hawk-10 exactly.

I think they redshirted him for several reasons.

Could let him get to learn for a year. Get a real 4 seasons from a good QB instead of wasting him when we wouldn’t have had a chance to win a game regardless. Not get him injured behind an awful O-Line. Our line should take a significant step up next season.

But he is the guy. At least he better be. Or else Beaty won’t get a 5th season.

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Talk about whatever you want.
Go, Cubs, Go!

@globaljaybird Is this the same global that was leery of Zo when the Royals acquired him last year? He’s a heck of a ballplayer and definitely one the few you’d want at the plate in key situations. If Hendricks throws the same game he threw to win the NLCS you can put game 3 in the Cubs column. And hearing Schwarber may play so that’s another big factor. Kid has got it done at the plate as the DH and could really use his bat at Wrigley since Hayward isn’t up to the task. Wonder how far that hr he parked on top of the RF scoreboard would’ve traveled if the Bud sign hadn’t stopped it. Monster shot. Cubs enshrined that ball in a glass case right where it stopped. But then they’ll have to contend with Kluber again in game 4. Hopefully Wrigley and the noise will put him off his game just enough. Or maybe the smell of roast goat will distract him.

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New Posting Guidelines


Whatcha talking about Willis?

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

@jaybate-1.0 I miss the

"@jaybate-1.0 you were wrong.

Best regards. @jaybate-1.0"

PHOF. Made me laugh every time I read it.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
A request.

@globaljaybird I dunno. has me scratching my head. but bedtime now, will have to wait.

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If you can't log in

@approxinfinity Well, one good thing is I am sure many of us are looking at our own neglected backups… Get well, BTW. We need you!

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Rolling with the old for now.

Thanks approx.! Keeping this site going keeps us going. Not sure what I’d do without it for my Jayhawks hoops fix.

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Switching over to mongo whenever dns propogation happens *OBSOLETE*

This post is now obsolete and exists only for historical purposes. We switched over and then switched back after some issues.

The DNS change is in. That means now points at the new server.

However, if you’re reading this you’re on the old server. Propogation will take place shortly, and the address will start taking us over to the mongo instance of the board, as generated from a file taken last night at 9pm.

Thereafter, this instance of the board will still be available for a while at if you want access to threads/comments made in between. I’ll leave it up for a couple days as we make sure mongo is working well for us.

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