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Carlton Bragg Arrested

@REHawk made me sick!

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The Love of money = The end of a love affair

Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Money leads to a lot of evils.

World Series games ending at 11PM or even later without extra innings.

East coast hoops teams starting home games at 9 Eastern time on a school/work night.

The whole OAD phenomenon.

Creighton playing in the Big East. St. Louis in the Atlantic 10. Missouri in the SEC and Rutgers in the Midwest League, better known as the Big1G. And my favorite, Chicago State in the Western Athletic, a league that at one time included a team from New Jersey.

Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz wasting their year of college trying not to get hurt.

Drew Gooden deciding the money of the NBA was worth more than staying one more year and winning a national championship.

The Yankees throwing 86 million at a man a year removed from an arrest for domestic violence.

Cats and Dogs, living together.

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KU vs Children of the Corn Game Thread

@jayballer54 even Frank missed two in a row. There is still time to improve on this, so I am not very worried. However, if there is no improvement by March, then I will be concerned.

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Early games

Long Beach state up at Texas at the half by 6. Yes the team we whipped by 30. I tell you some people are talking about how good the B12 is and I am not buying it at all outside of baylor, Ku and wvu. OU ended up losing to WSU by 3 in OKC. I have now watched everyone but TT and it has been ugly to put it nicely, but it is early at least.

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Carlton... Is That You?

I believe this board has been exemplary commenting in reference to Bragg. Most if not all of us have really refrained from passing judgment until all the facts are known. Not every forum can say the same…it speaks volumes about the quality of our posters.

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Conference Championship games


Yes there was a lot of talk about that. We’ll see if the Big-12 gains from adding the championship. I have to think Baylor’s issue and TCU being down had a lot to do with a Big-12 team missing it this year. OU would have made it if they could have beaten Ohio St at home.

It changes every year, this year was the year of the Big-10. Next year it could be another issue that becomes the latest thing.

The Big-10 situation was something I don’t think will happen often with the current system.

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Well almost time

No question it was an extremely disappointing loss but the girls had an incredible season and one they can be proud of and one to build upon.

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KC Royals: Four Years After Trading For James Shields And Wade Davis: How Do You Like Me Now?!

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@Crimsonorblue22 Last team was, I think Red Sox. Is a pitcher who is under contract for 2017. Think he’s been outta BB for a year or 2.

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Sleazy and New Orleans Pelicans?

Six hundred wins and counting.

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KuBuckets T-Shirts

Just got mine (in blue) as a birthday gift…looks great!

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Answers to frequently asked questions.
A request.

@globaljaybird I dunno. has me scratching my head. but bedtime now, will have to wait.

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If you can't log in

@approxinfinity Well, one good thing is I am sure many of us are looking at our own neglected backups… Get well, BTW. We need you!

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testing something


I believe the NSA could do that…without your knowledge. 😄

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Rolling with the old for now.

Thanks approx.! Keeping this site going keeps us going. Not sure what I’d do without it for my Jayhawks hoops fix.

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