• MOOSE wit da 1st Ribby & DUDA With 3 more. ROYALS 4-0 vs CWSox, no outs bottom of the first. Nice start off James Shields. Yeeaaahhh!!! But I’m greedy for more 😃

  • How’s it going Buster? :).

  • Sox youth movement starting to pay dividends.

  • @wissox Idk this Royals team is pretty asssssss

  • @BShark Their slide down from a World Series winner has been breathtaking in how quickly it’s happened. I thought that team was built to last a while.

  • @wissox Once the three-headed pitching monster (Herrera, Holland and Davis) became the one-headed monster (Herrera), it was all downhill.

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the first 7 innings. Were Duffy and Boyer pitching underhanded, or is it windier in KC than it is over here in Lawrence?

    Good news perhaps is that ticket prices might drop a bit. Got a little ridiculous last couple years.

  • @DanR 1 hit from our 5-9 hitters. Duffy went strong for 3 innings before he imploded. Then the bullpen came in and sucked.

    This is going to be the story of the Royals I think. 1-4 hitters will do some damage. 5-9 will suck. Bullpen will blow a ton of leads.

    We legit have no frontline starting pitchers. So that 2nd time around the order is going to be a nightmare all year. Add in that middle relievers usually are middle relievers for a reason… Especially for a team like the Royals who have basically developed no pitching for the past 30 years. Duffy, his entire career, has been “effectively wild.” He has never been consistent or been able to hit spots. Nightmare.

    This is a 100 loss team. Let’s just hope Herrera, Duda, Moose and Jay all play well and we can actually get something for them towards the deadline. It is amazing how much faster you fall down the mountain than you can climb back up it.

  • @wissox It was built to last until GM DM sold his soul for the WS. Will Smith, Finny and Manaea would be starters for this team. Add in that we have basically never had a good draft pick under Dayton and not traded them away.

    DM found the statistical flaw in baseball. And he did it by accident. Having an elite bullpen to close down the other team starting in the 7th inning changed baseball. All the other teams have adjusted for it though. And now you see all of DM’s flaws. He is a bad drafter, a mediocre trader, and a major gambler. I do not know that he is the guy to resurrect the Royals again.

  • @DanR Funny thing is the way the game started the Sox pitcher Shields had an ERA of infinity! 4 earned runs zero outs in the first inning. He settled down to earn the win that he probably didn’t deserve.

  • Opening day is boring, players jogging about in half full at best stadiums. Shorten the season, it don’t take a 162 games to figure out who the best teams are. The first few months of baseball is the worst sport to watch IMO. This may ruffle a few feathers lol.

  • No sweat 😓 Mr As-swipe’, everyone gets 2 cents worth here. Yes even m-idgets…

  • @kjayhawks I disagree vehemently, vociferously and adamently! I love baseball’s 162 game schedule. It’s a great rhythm, the mark of a new warmer season, a nearly daily sporting event that always brings hope for tomorrow!

  • @wissox Only built to last if they were willing to have a bigger payroll.

  • Another bullpen mishap, not looking good fellas.

  • Royals lost 6-1 to Tigers today, now 0-3 for the season.

  • @AsadZ Wonder if it is too early to start the trade talk? Moose could be flipped right this second. At $6.5M, he could be flipped. Teams just didn’t want to give up the comp pick AND pay him the big bucks.

  • @Kcmatt7 Part of me says to go for it but part of me is keeping a hope that perhaps they can be somewhat competitive.

  • I’ve been telling all my friends the run is over in KC, 5 straight 80 win seasons and 7 straight at least 70 wins. They are headed back to the mid 90s or mid 00s where winning 60 games is surprising.

  • The question will always be, was it worth selling the future for a WS? I’m so torn on the issue. I think, had we just kept our homegrown guys and minor leaguers, we would have been able to finally build a strong organization top to bottom. A system like the Giants or Cardinals where you keep your best prospects and bring them up as other guys leave in FA. Instead, the cupboard is bare. And we are screwed for a good while.

  • El toro ole


    Way to go Hoz, you shouldn’t have left me!😍lol

  • @Kcmatt7 Yes, it was worth it. They can’t sustain a dynasty without blowing up the payroll. After decades of watching the Royals be a big league farm team it was fantastic to see. Unfortunately the brass didn’t realize the true strength was the bullpen and blew it up earlier than they had to.

  • Jake Junis has been impressive in his two starts, has not allowed a run. Overall bullpen has been good except for Maurer.

    While its early, after first week and a half, it appears that AL Central will be a close race. Salvy’s return will help in run production.

  • Speechless!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 3-4-5 hitters due up in the ninth. Time to get it done!

  • Will DM fire Yost or stick with him and for how long?

  • @AsadZ I think he let’s him ride off into the sunset after the season. No sense in firing a manager if they are going to secure you the #1 pick in the draft.

  • This was supposed to be start of rebuild but Royals roster is 3rd oldest in the league, I say KC bring in some young guns.

  • Royals need to deal Moose and Herrera soon, plus trade Hammel and Kennedy if they can find any takers. No sense being old and bad.

    Lucas Duda, John Jay and Alcides Escobar should be either traded or benched by the end of June. Paulo Orlando as well (he’s already 32). The Royals should not have more than two players over 30 in their lineup on any given day after the All Star Break. You might as well find out if guys like Hunter Dozier, Bubba Starling, Jorge Soler, etc. are going to be able to contribute or if they are busts.

  • @justanotherfan I think they will need to wait until an injury or the deadline to deal anyone to be honest. That is when teams are desperate enough to give up real value. You just have to hope that Moose and Duda keep hitting well.

    What is funny, we may have 4 starting pitchers all around 3.00 ERA we could unload at the deadline for a massive haul.

    If DM does what he should instead of listening to sentimental fans, I think it is realistic to add another 8-10 decent prospects back into the farm system this year from trades alone. Add in another 4 or 5 picks in the first two rounds of the draft and the rebuild process should really get a good jumpstart.

    If this really does happen, maybe Dayton really is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. And, it would have been the right decision to sign all of these old guys as well as try to keep the team in tact last season.

    Of course this is all hypothetical, but not unrealistic.

    • Moose Rental at $3M - Worth 1 AAA prospect and one Single -A.
    • Duda Rental $1.75M - Worth 2 AA prospects
    • Duffy and Hammel Combo - Worth 2 AAA prospects and 1 AA prospects
    • Junis and Kennedy Combo - Worth 3 AAA prospects
    • Herrera - Worth 2 AAA prospects

    This would obviously be best case scenario. If we could make 2 or 3 of these deals happen, I would absolutely call it a success. Getting Kennedy’s deal off the books is muy importante to the future success of this organization.

    By 2020, this team should be one of the cheapest in the league. I would like to see that continue until about 2023. At that point, I would like us to try to keep any good young players we have and actually put together a decent organization.

  • @Kcmatt7

    The market is already a bit thin. Several teams are already not really interested in competing, so teams that are willing to move need to do so early because there will be quite a few sellers and relatively few buyers. Looking in the AL, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland and maybe Seattle aren’t going to be looking to buy. In the NL, Miami, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are in situations similar to the Royals. That’s a third of the teams that definitely aren’t buying and may be willing to sell already.

    San Francisco, San Diego, and Texas are all off to slow starts. If that continues, they won’t be buying. That’s 13 total teams that, if the current trends hold, will not be buying at the deadline, and 10 of those teams may be selling.

    I don’t see big returns out there because there will be relatively few buyers, but lots of potential sellers. I’d rather the Royals get 2 or 3 solid prospects than load up on a bunch of filler.

    I wouldn’t trade Junis. I wouldn’t move Duffy or Perez unless I could get a lot back.

    Since the Royals best hitting prospects are in A ball right now, I wouldn’t be worried about getting back guys that are in AAA right now because they are too far ahead of the best prospects already in the system. I would focus more on getting more talent into A ball so that, like the previous group, the talent is mostly linked together in the minors, moving up together, winning at each level before graduating to the majors in 2021.

  • @justanotherfan I disagree with basically everything you said, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Ned Yost keeps talking about how he is not looking and wins and losses this year and he wants players to compete and let his younger players play, not sure who is he talking about except for Soler. Everyone else who is playing is not young.

  • @AsadZ Looks 👀 like 🌪DM & Yost are playing several guys at multiple positions to enhance trade value. Obviously that’s the case with Merrifield. Still terribly amazing that Dozier isn’t on the roster- He must’ve really 😤 pissed off the wrong person. I’m not sure if DM has a clue how to rebuild this team. Is really hard to watch them lose like this when their path seems so uncertain.

  • Ned Yost is below average manager and DM has made some bad decisions lately. I hope Moose stays hot. Ideally Royals will be able to get some nice prospects for Moose, Whit, Duda, Herrera and I hope they can find a team willing to trade Kennedy and Hammel.

  • @AsadZ Just read that A ball is where the half dozen or so future prospects are playing. Hell I thought we might have some at Omaha. Kinda sounds like they may trade bait too. Also DM has 4 picks in the top 40 of this years draft. The product on the field now is poor, very poor. Is even difficult to watch on tv so is not an option to pay high prices to go out to the park very often. If he shoots 💩 craps on this draft we’re really screwed.

  • This draft determines his future. I, personally, want 4 position players drafted. Because we have nothing in our system right now. We might be able to piece together medial starters with a decent bullpen and get results. But if you can’t score and defend you definitely can’t win.

  • @Kcmatt7 Here’s a B-R link about Hosmer & tanking FWIW. Seems more & more teams are less likely to trade away draft picks. And you’re right about piecing together pitching. If you can pitch through an order 3 times now with getting completely scalded, you’re getting paid like a Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux, or an Ian Kennedy ?? Who ? Sheesh … I for sure was in the wrong business.

  • @Buster-1926

    KC’s best two OF prospects are in A ball. So is the best 1B prospect. Might as well add a few more guys to that group.

    I agree with @Kcmatt7 that DM should focus on position players. Pitchers get hurt too often to spend lots of high picks on pitchers. Position players may not pan out, but as a whole, they stay healthier, which for a small market team, is as important as talent.

  • I can get out my Locain shirt tonight.

  • Am happy for Cain that he’s playing well.Salvy & Gordon likely back for this series with the Brewers. Hopefully this is a spark of life. They’ve played so poorly this year they’re barely alive. Only half dozen teams in all BB with 14-15 losses this early.

  • All I want is to keep seeing Almonte play. Best hitting outfielder on the team right now.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yeah, but I think the real reason they even took a chance on Almonte is so to keep Schwindel, Dozier & O’hearn in the minors to not expose them, like they already have done to Mondesi. They could pedal those guys almost one for two lower prospects. Am starting to think like you that everyone is potentially on the block for a rebuild. No such thing as untouchable (unflushable?) in this day & age.

  • @Buster-1926 Exactly. Load up the farm system like it has never been before. Then, instead of trading it all away for a playoff push, keep it. And stay good for an extended period of time.

    Honestly, I would eat Kennedy and Hammel’s contracts if it meant that we could get decent prospects in return for it.

    It is a realistic possibility that we could acquire a dozen or more GOOD new prospects in our minor league system by the end of this season.

  • Don’t know if Hammel brings much cause he barely gets through the order twice, but Kennedy eats up the innings if he can just keep from giving up all the gopher balls. That was his MO when we got him from SD. Fly ball pitcher that always gives up lotsa homers. Not a bad pitcher for Kauffman Stadium but unfortunately we have to play 81 road games a year too.

  • @Buster-1926 Hammel is pitching well right now and has shown he can have a Sub 4.00 ERA. That would be attractive at the deadline for a team without the prospect capital to fetch a big name guy. Someone to help them in that 4th or 5th spot but you know won’t be apart of your playoff rotation.

  • SALVY is back!! Going, going, GONE …

  • @Kcmatt7 - And so is Lorenzo with the dinger 413’ to right center to lead off the 7th …

    Ya know, we had a helluva exciting team during that WS run. And IMO I think it was worth it because DM succeeded with a Championship. Had we fallen short after ravaging the farm, we all would be whining. I’m just thrilled to have that cherished time in the sun 🌞!

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