• Escort is in process from Jackson Co Medical Examiner to Clinton Mo for 👮 officer Ryan Morton. Appx 75-100 vehicles & motorcycles 🏍 involved on I-49 & 7 Hy journey to Henry Co. Please be patient & respectful if you encounter the procession. He was from Knob Noster, attended CMSU, & served & ultimately gave his life in Clinton. Was honored by the Royals with Buck O’Neil Legacy seat 💺 in 2014 for military & public service. We all owe a prayer for those who walk that thin blue line & never know when their next step will be their final step. Godspeed Officer Morton, rest easy.

  • @Buster-1926 Nice tribute. Thanks for the reminder of what those dedicated folks taking that job can risk.

    The circumstances around his death are really bizarre. Here is a link. What struck me is he was part-time but was inspired to go full-time to replace another Clinton officer killed in the LOD.


  • @mayjay I just made that drive through Henry County & Clinton yesterday. Though I was born very close to Lawrence, my GG father started his family in Clinton in the 1880’s & I do feel a connection when passing through. Is so ironic Mr Morton died 7 months to the day after the officer he replaced, is almost eerie to be honest. Also amazing that they encountered his murderer when at the wrong address. So sad his family now must endure their grief & pain without him. Even people of great faith must sometimes question why. Almost unbelievable this could take place in the same tiny little town.

  • @Buster-1926 Yeah, makes you think all the Missouri meth prevalence jokes are not actually jokes when cops get sent accidentally to a random wrong address some 12 miles away and end up getting killed in a meth house owned by a fugitive and former con.

    Although I bet it wasn’t completely random–they probably had a tip the fugitive was there, or that it was a meth house and just screwed up which address went with which call.

  • @mayjay It’s a good reminder. I see too often the negative side of drug abuse when I teach kids who are victims of it by being children of adults who abuse. No joking matter that’s for sure.

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