• Hudy has been working on him in every way. He is stronger, faster, and has been working with Norm in the post all year. I wish he would attend a Big Man’s camp like Collison, Aldrich, and Withey. To remember how good he can be, watch the second half of the Duke game.


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  • I would have loved to see what Hudy was doing with him during the season. I wonder if she is just keeping it a secret. I didn’t see any instagram posts from her. I could have missed one though.

  • On a serious note I think Doke is a huge key for next year. Preston provided he qualifies will be up and down, the guard play will be very good regardless of what Graham and Svi do even if there may be some more growing pains. Svi in particular I think will be supplanted by Vick anyway if he stays. We’d miss Graham’s on fire games, but he is not a penetrator or top athlete. Newman, Vick, Garrett, Cunliffe and Allen/Harris/whoever is a very strong guard line-up and would be the best in the league and probably top 10 in the country. Doke though, Doke is the mystery. If he becomes a Withey/Cole/Embiid rim protector (and he wasn’t far off in limited time this year, especially compared to Embiid) and can stay on the floor for 25+ minutes a game it changes the entire dynamic.

  • @BShark Remember when people thought this last year was Bolden or bust. And some people were upset we even took Doke. HCBS looks genius now… Doke should be a double double machine if he can stay on the floor next season.

  • @BShark think juice will be our missing 4 guy.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Ha yeah. Bolden looks disinterested in basketball.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Preston/Juiston at the 4, Doke/Coleby at the 5. Daaasssssss pretty good.

  • @BShark Preston doesn’t mix it up much, likes to hang out on the perimeter. Not much intensity, that I saw, but that will change!!

  • Some of the workout and weight lifting videos from Hudy showed him with straps over his shoulders doing squats with lots of Barbells strapped to him. No hands involved. Another showed him doing lunges with the same device. The last thing he’ll probably need to work on is the grip strength in his hand.

    For a pleasant reminder of what he is capable of, watch at your leisure from the 1:03 mark.


  • @wrwlumpy 1:03 on the video or 1:03 time wise? And what half?

  • @wrwlumpy Found it. The 1 hour and 3 minute mark…

  • @wrwlumpy MAN, thank you so much for sharing that link. - -Loved going back and re-watching this. I tell you what after re-watching this - -NOW I’M STOKED AGAIN, -I’m telling ya, watching BIG-UN - -DOKE in this game the dribble down the floor miss rebound and slam dunk put back, several rebounds by Biggun - -I got this feeling in short time he is going to be a BEAST next year for us. - -Watchin Bragg hit that sweet jumper from the Corner, - -I just got to believe hopeful comes back , - -and puts these off the court issues behind him - comes in this next year - new attitude - -new start - -gets that smile back - -brings that feather jumper from the outside back - - umm, umm , umm got me FIRED UP BABY, one thing I was also noticing in the clip - -MAN we travel. - as fans - they always talk about the Garden being a home away from home for Duke how they have such a large gathering when they play there - Umm our fans were pretty dam loud - -love it. - - I am soooo ready now- -Doke show progress - - Vick - -Newman - -Garrett - - Hopefully Bragg - - Devonte - - maybe Juiston – then Billy- -OH ya ready? - - -I’m ready. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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