Should we create a feed back thread for site innovations?

  • Should we create a feed back thread for responses to site innovations, or is there already some place where that is supposed to happen?

  • I’d like to be able to respond directly under someone else’s post… like what we had at KUSports.

    Is that working now? I did notice a difference when I hit the reply button directly beside jaybate’s button, versus below.

  • @drgnslayr

    I requested that feature a while back; much easier to follow.

  • Guys, essentially any bugs/issues/enhancement requests you have that have to do with the framework of the site will feed over here:

    We have several threads that we’ve discussed stuff on, but I don’t have the bandwidth to commit to feature development for nodebb, so I’m basically feeding them, and they’ve been pretty responsive.

    However, the decision to not nest comments is a deliberate one on their part. Their philosophy revolves around the use of other features that allow you to track who has tagged you in their post, spawning the tag by using the reply button, etc. So in my mind, this feature would be high effort on my part, as I’d be going it alone and committing to forking their repo and maintaining that fork, meaning we’d have potential merge conflicts any time we wanted to upgrade from their repo, with low priority because nothing is technically broken. Maybe the alternative would be that the way people communicate in the nodebb format could be improved, and we could certainly request those enhancements from them.

    The discussion about how we organize stuff like the daily posts is something we should have, I think, as thats fully in our control, and I’d like to see us leverage a group approach as effectively as possible, so if bskeet and I get hit by 2 buses at the same exact time hundreds of miles apart, thing don’t go bump here (until the lights go out, but you know what I’m saying). So far, we haven’t been able to get thread moderators and authors involved in adding their posts to the Daily Threads posts. Granted its been only a couple days, but this is what I’m trying to facilitate.


  • @approxinfinity I have tried to add my posts to daily threads, but cannot figure out how. Somehow mine are showing up though, in spite of my ineptitude.

    Also, I just though a place to say thumbs up to stuff you try would be good, rather than bozo me starting a new thread to say good job, or I like what you have tried, etc.

  • Dragging photos most of the time ends up with a photo popping up but then the website disappears with no buttons available to submit. This happens about 70% of the time.

  • Yeah, it’s a good idea. I think we have an old thread or three around. We should probably spawn a new one.

    Know it’s a shake up on the front page. Eager to hear opinions all around, and would like to frame the discussion within the context of the issues we’re trying to solve. Will write a thread tonight when I have time.

    Thanks for bringing this up jb. Also, to add your post to the threads top post, hit the pencil icon next to it. That icon doesn’t show in portrait mode on phone. Phone in general for doing the markup on those posts is a little hairy. I know you’re big on your iPhone. I dont mind jumping in and adding the links when I can but I don’t always have access to a desktop.

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