Cliff Alexander suspension

  • Probably not the biggest story of the day, but I came across this today.,0,5066891.story

  • This is really no biggie. He and Victor Law, another prospect out of St Rita HS, were T’d for too much taunting. Then Alexander got a second T (his fifth foul) when he hung on the rim for his own safety (allowable) after an awkward feed from a teammate. Illinois requires a one game suspension if a player has two T’s in one game.

  • @brooksmd - I don’t know anything about Cliff Alexander, but if he breaks a sweat, makes facial expressions and cares enough about something to get T’d and suspended - I LIKE him very much already.

  • @nuleafjhawk, those were computer animated Ts, not real ones…

  • @ParisHawk - lol, nice. Hey, I’ve said it before, I’m a sore loser. Or, being a KU basketball fan, maybe I’m just not used to it !

  • I hate that too many HS refs will T a guy up for hanging on the rim. If you think you may come down awkwardly, you should get some leeway. Unfortunately, too many HS refs see a guy hang and, because they were never in a position where they were exposed to injury like that, they think a guy is just showboating.

    I guarantee you that pretty much every HS player that can dunk has been in a position where they hung on the rim as someone cut underneath them. It only takes one time of getting undercut for you to become much more cautious about that sort of thing, particularly if you have a scholarship on the line.

    Too many HS coaches emphasize the “no layups” mantra without teaching players how to safely contest those shots (and when to realize they cannot safely contest those shots). I wish one of these years that was a point of emphasis.

  • High School game: One McDonald’s All-American playing against kids that work at MacDonald’s with referees that are supervisors at MacDonald’s.

  • This is old news. It happens in high school. The refs are flexing against a big recruit. They are big time refs that want their day. Way to go refs, that’ll show those big recruits whose boss at the end of the day. I love Alex’s attitude and his hard nosed bball play. We are too soft right now and he will be a welcomed sight next season.

    Rock Chalk Big Fella

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