Some Policies of The Fake The Bate Group1.0

  • The fake Bate Group 1.0 wishes to announce some of its policies regarding 501.c3 sports advocacy.

    1.) we are against everything that is wrong.

    2.) we are for everything that is right.

    3.) we are uncertain about everything that is uncertain.

    4.) we are FLATLY against scheduling ISIL or Al Qaeda teams.

    5.) we oppose the destabilization of athletic departments trying to do things the right way , so that a coaching slot will open up and be filled by a pet coach.

    6.) we believe that all sports advocacy groups should be formed with a sunset clause in their bylaws except for the fake The Bate Group 1.0.

    7.) we advocate for Sports advocacy groups that advocate for the NCAA to become strictly a policing organization and for the member institutions to fund a separate organization for negotiating revenue generating contracts.

    8.) we are opposed to full, or partial, frontal nudity in basketball.

    9.) we are for shoe companies giving an equal number of players and equal amount of money to every program in division one, or for all the money and all of the best players to be given to KU.

    10.) we are for Olivia Wilde being given free, lifetime membership in the fake The Bate Group 1.0.

    (Note: all fiction and/or parody. No malice.)😀

  • I understand very little of all this, but for #10. Sign me up for supporting #10!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I also am 100% on board for #10.

    Hey… as close as ShoeCos are weaved within the D1 fabric, shouldn’t they have to abide by Title 9? :-o

  • @REHawk

    “Ok coach, you don’t get any of it.”–jaybate 1.0

    “You will, you will.”–Yoda


  • @jaybate-1.0 Do these policies apply to women’s basketball as well? If so I withdraw my support of the Fake the Bate Group 1.0 policies because of policy #8.

  • @brooksmd


  • @jaybate-1.0

    Does the Bate Group 1.0 have a position on:

    1. Can a 43 year old male overdose on vlasic dill pickle sunflower seeds?

    2. Eschatology?

    3. What should a guy say to a couple dressed head to toe in Mizzery gear while standing in line by them at the Go Pro Games in Vail?

    4. If a hypothetical 43 year old guy who’s an independent contractor and is already having a great month financially be expected to go thru un-dealt-with emails under these conditions below?


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